Posted by: picturefool | November 17, 2008

Double Thanksgiving

This year we are THRILLED, ECSTATIC, OVER THE MOON to be hosting Thanksgiving as a pot luck dinner at our house. It is a huge blessing and we look forward to being surrounded by family and friends on the big day. I hope the turkey will fit in the oven! (Our oven is kinda small…)

So, that day, and hosting was plenty for me. But last night I got a call from my aunt inviting us to join in her family celebration which is always the Saturday before Thanksgiving. I haven’t been invited to something like this in…. ever. Well, since I was a teenager and had to go or else. I will spending the week with a shocked look on my face. We will drive two hours on Saturday and have some of the best food ever and then drive two hours home if we we can stay awake that long. (Starbucks will get some money from us that day!)

I’m not sure what I did to merit the invitation but I’m glad of whatever it was.

Also, prayer request…. a friend of a friend was in a hiking accident in North Carolina and had to be airlifted to Grady Hospital. He had his ninth surgery this morning after having his foot amputated. He may have some brain damage but it is hard to say. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. His wife his with him almost 24/7 and they are 100 miles from friends and family. It’s a lonely and scary time for them.


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