Posted by: picturefool | November 5, 2008

Halloween in Review

Those who know me know that Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. It is low-pressure and just plain silly.

So, Sam started out wanting to be a Storm Trooper. I checked out the prices of the costumes. I know my child and am painfully aware that he would want the boots, the gun, the everything-it-would-take-to-be-a-real-storm-trooper kit. $80. Eighty DOLLARS! For one night. I told him very sweetly, “If you could be a non-licensed character it would be a big help to mommy and daddy’s finances.” He agreed and the ideas started to be batted around. A ghost… a vampire… a pirate… none worked.

And then one day were sitting in the living room and for some reason I just shouted out, “That’s it!! The Ghost of Jacob Marley!” And Sam agreed immediately. I think what he said was, “Genius!!” Which I have to admit is true.

So, here are pictures of Sam as himself – sweet little boy at the pumpkin patch:

Sam at the pumpkin patch

On Halloween I sprayed his hair silver/gray:


And then we added makeup:


And then the rest of the ensemble:




He had a good time and got a good haul though he was too tired to do as many houses as I had hoped.

The best thing was the next morning when he ran outside to find candy in the driveway where kids had dropped it as they ran back to the street. He has declared that his favorite part of Halloween was when it rained candy.


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