Posted by: picturefool | November 4, 2008

Election Day

I miss blogging so I think I’ll be back. Facebook is fun and has stolen a lot of my attention but I also like having this a sort of journal to look back on….

So, today is Election Day. I voted for Barack Obama. Shocked? No? Okay, I guess I haven’t been subtle about who I like. I am so excited about watching election returns with my son and my husband and, God willing, shouting and dancing and maybe even crying a little when it is announced that Obama is the President Elect.

Sam has been talking about Bush moving out of the White House but I hope that tonight we can focus more on who is moving IN than who is moving OUT. Change is in the air.

Today is also our house-find-iversary. One year ago today we walked into our house and walked out knowing that we had to have it. Hurray for the universe for helping us get it. I still can’t believe it. So, we will be celebrating that as well.

So, if you haven’t voted get out there and do it. This is your voice… your time to stand up and tell the country what you think. Even if you want to vote that other guy… what’s his name…. just vote. That’s what makes us strong.

Obama in '08



  1. FANTASTIC picture! I am SO glad you decided to come to Random and Odd and post the picture!! Awesome!!

  2. happy election day!

  3. Yay Obama! I voted and posted a photo too.

  4. yay i voted too!! great pic =]

  5. Change we can BELIEVE in! :o)

    I voted and posted my picture on my blog…

  6. Glad you’re back! With you and Ginger both on a blog hiatus– I was at a loss for fun stuff to read when I want to procrastinate at work! It will be a very exciting evening for sure.


  7. what a cute picture..

  8. that is great. We are moving into a new house on Friday, and it’s been a long road to it but it is finally here, and I’m thrilled.

    I voted too, and pray that my children understand how important change is!

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