Posted by: picturefool | July 28, 2008

Possum Stew and Gizzards

You know how sometimes you just *know* something?

I knew that when the water department came out and fixed the leak at the street it was going to cost us money. I just knew it. So, on Monday (last Monday) when I noticed that a puddle created by the water company in our driveway had not disappeared I knew it was fated that we would be tearing up at least part of the driveway. We watched the puddle all week as it got a teensy bit smaller and then a teensy bit larger but stayed pretty much the same.

On Thursday it was a couple of inches bigger. As I circled it, worrying, knitting my brow, I saw it… a little crack in the driveway where there was a trickle of water disturbing the surface of the puddle.

I hate it when I’m right.

We called the county Friday morning and their response was the classic line from a former boss: Too bad, so sad.

Roto-Rooter came out Saturday morning and told us that we are lucky winners of a line of “blue poly” piping that is, to phrase it delicately, crap. There was a law suit and had this leak sprung up before 1995 the replacement of the pipe would have been free. So, basically, we’re screwed. I don’t know if our homeowners insurance might help given the circumstances, but I doubt it.

This time we could only afford to replace the line that was cracked, but in about six months we need to replace from the house to the street and get a new pressure reducing valve.

You know that home ownership comes with kind of thing, and fortunately this came at a time when we could pay the man but it still hurts the wallet. I said to Len, though, at least we have a front yard to have a leak in.

So, let me paint you a picture of our front yard at the moment:

Two flower beds half dug-up

Driveway with concrete that doesn’t match and big mud hole on one side

End of the driveway as still torn up by the county and we are going to lose at least one tree because they destroyed its root system.

The Clampetts are in town, people. I’m gonna fix us up a pot o’ possum stew so ya’ll come on over for a garden party, ya hear?


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