Posted by: picturefool | July 24, 2008

Tangential Flowers

I’m in a weird place because I don’t feel good, have lots of work to do, but have had some good news and good things happen that are outweighing a lot of the negative stuff. If I felt better I’d be in a good mood.



Tangent #1:

Is there anything, anything better than sitting on the couch with your kid watching Spongebob on a Wednesday night? He’s almost ten but he rested on me, touching me the whole time and even kissing my cheek and telling me he loves me. I’m definitely telling the gypsies he is not for sale.


Tangent #2:

There are only two weeks (!!!) of summer left before school starts. Unbelievable. Today is the kid’s last day of summer camp. He hated camp. The teachers are rather strict on some pretty silly issues and I think that just ate at him. I’m glad to see the back end of it. Next week I will work from home for most of the week and then the following week we are all on vacation for the whole week.


Tangent #3:

The Monday I come back to work from vacation I will come in late because it’s the first day of school. Good thing I’m not new around here. That could look kinda bad.

Yellow Rose

Tangent #4:

Five cats is absurd. Please let me know if you know anyone who can take in a Millie. Five cats is simply too much and we haven’t found any options that are palatable yet.

Pink Rose

Tangent #5:

We went, as I said the other day, to a friend’s house for a small gathering on Sunday. Their garden is prettier than any I have ever been in. It has a whimsical nature, too, with little ceramic things tucked here and there: mushrooms, cats, butterflies. Along one path there is a rock that says, “TURN ME OVER.” I like following instructions so I did. It says, “THANKS! THAT FEELS MUCH BETTER.” I love a garden with a sense of humor. Betty told us that she spends 20-30 hours a week in the garden. It shows. Every picture inserted here is from this garden.







  1. I’m sorry to hear about your unexpected incident. You’re right, it’s never easy having something costly fixed but at least your driveway won’t smell like poo! =0\

    I do love your pictures and they are very cheering. Here’s hoping for a better weekend!

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