Posted by: picturefool | July 21, 2008

Social Calendar

I am at work this morning despite a cold that is making want to just lay down and stare vacantly at the TV. Len has this same cold last week and was much braver about it. I have been whiny and impossible. “I don’t feeeeeel good. I wanna go to beeeeeed.”

A busy weekend contributed to the fatigue that is making the cold feel so much worse than it really is.

Every Friday we volunteer at an animal shelter. We were there an extra long time this Friday because there was lots to do and not as many volunteers as usual.

Saturday was spent readying the house for dinner guests.

Over a month ago I had invited an friendly acquaintance and her family (husband and three beautiful girls) over for dinner. We’ve known each other for five years, since Sam and her middle daughter were in pre-k together. But as the dinner approached I realized how little we knew these people. I cooked up a pork roast and made dessert and otherwise bought pre-made food at the grocery store (potato salad, cole slaw). I am trying to not be quite so Martha-Stewart about everything all of the time. It’s kind of like trying to become left-handed. About an hour before they showed up I sat down and scribbled some questions on little slips of card stock. Questions like:

What is/was your favorite toy? Why?

Were you named after anyone in particular? If so, who?

If you could travel for one month, for free, anywhere in the world, where would you go?

You get the idea…

Well, as usual, my nervousness was totally a waste of time. We all fell in together like the oldest of friends. Conversation was lively. When we sat down at the table, though, I pulled the questions out and we started passing them around. There were two for each person. It was so much fun and I feel like we all know each other better now. Sam was probably the most relaxed I have ever seen him in a social setting. I dreamt, two nights before the dinner, that the dining room was ringing with laughter as we sat around and talked. That is exactly what happened.

And here is the amazing part:

We had gone out to run errands and we noticed (Len had noticed a while before, actually) water running along the gutter just at our driveway – right near the water valve. Len investigated and it was definitely trickling out of our shut-off valve right at the street. Len called the county and they came out about an hour before our friends arrived. Of course they had to shut off the water.

I did not freak out.

And when our friends showed up and saw a back hoe and a big utility truck at the driveway I did not freak out. And when they offered that we could go out to eat. I did not freak out. We had a perfectly simple, wonderful meal with eight people and no running water. The bathroom situation never really occurred to me or I would have undoubtedly have freaked out.

The county discovered that we had a tree root growing into the pipes at the edge of our property. Fortunately, oh-so-fortunately, the pipes were still under county control. They were at the house for almost four hours and totally destroyed a quadrant of lawn (weeds). I am worried about the trees surviving since they got pretty beaten up in this process. We’ll see how they look tonight. With the drought we can’t water them back into a healthy place easily.

All in all, though, I’d say we had a happy ending. And we certainly had something to talk about during and after dinner.

Yesterday we went to a gathering at another friend’s house. Eight adults and one child who managed to not get bored out of his mind. Our friends have an amazing garden and you can expect pictures soon. We met some new people who we meshed with very well. Everyone there loves cats so much of the conversation was about this cat and that cat. Most of the people in my world hate cats so it was nice to talk kitties.

Also, since the house looked so great for the dinner on Saturday I took some interior shots and also some shots of our new red front doors. I’ll get those up soon. Last night I was too tired and woefully dying from this cold to upload photos. Maybe tonight.

We have nothing on the calendar for next weekend and I am so relieved. I have some stuff I want to do at home and I just want to rest and read some, too. It’s fun being so social, but exhausting too.



  1. Welcome to home ownership! 🙂
    Glad it was on the county’s dime. That’s always nice. Amazing that you handled everything so well. And you aren’t even medicated!

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