Posted by: picturefool | July 17, 2008

I done went to collidge

I did! I have a degree! I have a rather high-level position at work! I do, I do! This little tool, though, says that one must have only an elementary school education to read my blog. Apparently I need to keep a thesa… theso… thesaurus nearby as I write these witty little entries.

I was a little (a lot) insulted so I decided to put in other blog names and see how smart you gots to be to read them….

My husband, with a vocabulary that regularly puts me under the table, writes for a junior high school audience. (HA!) That is, unless he is ripping a hole in the political framework of our society. Then he writes for a high school audience.

And what about my biggest current crush: Rude Cactus? How will he stand up to the test? HIGH SCHOOL! He wears a suit to work, forchrissakes! He reads books, is politically and socially aware. I’m losing faith in this test.

And then, I had the idea to try out my sister’ blog. She’s smart! She’s educated! She reads books about art, history and culture. She stays current on local and national politics. How will her online journal measure up to Len and to Rude Cactus?

Drum roll….

blog readability test

Movie Reviews

Now I KNOW this test is rigged! (Kidding, G!! Kidding!!)

A few more random tests:

Dooce: Junior High

Judith Warner (who writes for the New York Bloody Times): Junior High

Chookooloonks: College (Postgrad) (this was one I thought was spot-on if not understated)

Stupid test.

My badge of dishonor:

blog readability test

Movie Reviews



  1. Well, for fun you might enjoy or

    Apparently they donate rice to the UN World Food Program for every word you get right.

    It’s a GREAT time waster. Like more of those are needed!

  2. Oh. my. god. That rocks. Totally needed that laugh!

  3. Well after all, copnsider the audience who will read your blog (like me).

  4. I am just cracking up at all this…. I think all of Ginger’s political rants put her over the top! 🙂

  5. […] I done graduated!! ‘member this?? […]

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