Posted by: picturefool | July 2, 2008


There are bushes along the right side of the house, under the bedroom and bathroom windows, that were so ugly this winter I was pretty sure I wanted to rip them up and put something, anything else in there.

Last Thursday I was brushing my teeth and looked outside to see them blooming with beautiful purple flowers. I went to the kitchen to get Len.

“Cshum shere!! Fwowers!! Outshive! Fwowers!!!”

Being a good husband he followed me to the bedroom and pretended to be as excited as I was.

They looked like Hibiscus to me but I figured I must have been high on toothpaste fumes because no way could hibiscus grow in a climate where there is anything resembling a winter.

Turns out… I was wrong! They are definitely hibiscus. I thought at first they might be the Rum Runner variety but this morning they were not as dramatically a different color as they were last night at bedtime so now I’m not so sure. I need to do more homework. They have maple leaf foliage.

Now I have to learn more about the care of hibisci, as Sam calls them, so that I can hone these into even more beautiful specimens. And this winter I will not fuss at them for being so ugly.

(I took pictures but my computer does not like my memory card, apparently. I’ll add some when I can.)



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