Posted by: picturefool | June 20, 2008

Last Weekend

Last Friday the chipmunks made their appearance on the deck and patio again. Sadie wouldn’t get in the shot, but I did catch four out five waiting for him to move.

Lining up at the window

Do not get in the way of Millie’s tale when she is on the hunt. Oh… and that little blurry bit of brown just where they are looking… that’s the chimpunk. He was totally messing with some kitties!

I seez him, I seez him!

But we didn’t spend all weekend watching the cats… we also went to Greenville, South Carolina (Note: Garmin’s are not helpful if you ask them to take you to the WRONG FRIGGIN’ STATE! Just a word to the wise. No corellation to our actual experience. Nope. Not at all.)

Moving on…

We drove up there to see the Greenville Drive play the Augusta GreenJackets (and that makes as much sense as screwing up your state names) in Class-A baseball. We cannot wait to go up there again. The stadium is new and it is gorgeous. Tickets were $7/each and we were so close to the field you could hear the players scratch themselves. Even with gas prices this was cheaper than going to Turner Field to see the Braves play and getting not-so-great seats.

The Greenville Drive warming up

I love baseball. Cracker Jacks, hot dogs, tobacco, the sound of the bat cracking on the ball, the cheers of the fans, the excitement.. I love it all. Class-A ball has the added advantage of having the stupidest between-innings nonsense around and it is so much fun.

Where else can you see human cheeseburgers??

Human Cheeseburgers
(Excuse the camera shake. I was laughing pretty hard.)

And what is better than human cheeseburgers, I ask you?? Anyone? Anyone?

Human Hamburger Buns high-fiving each other!

High-fiving human cheeseburgers

Then there was Reedy… the mascot. He was pretty cool.

Official mascot of the Greenville Drive

But this guy… this guy has a gift. He was the best clown I have ever seen. He knew his limits and wasn’t scary but he audience-wrangled with a passion. Very talented guy.

The clown dude

And then there was the reminder of the Blue’s Clues song about mail…

Here's the mail/It never fails/It makes me want to wag my tail...MAIL!

Tell me he is not wagging his tail!

Oh, yeah, and there was baseball and stuff, too…


We’ll be going back for sure… in fact we have already bought tickets for in August. My fellas had a great time.

Sam & Len



  1. What’s weird is that the boy’s cat has the same look of intense concentration that he often does!

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