Posted by: picturefool | June 13, 2008

Friday the 13th Kitties

These types of posts are all I can do right now. We’ve had a rough week at Summitridge involving stolen debit card numbers and resultant money issues, too much work, a crashed laptop for two days meaning late nights… I’m ready for the weekend.

So, for now, let’s enjoy the kitties….

Stanley is the King of Naps. He’s getting older and his naps are more precious to him now than ever.


We ended up with a paper bag from Whole Foods and the cats claimed it immediately. It became Noah’s favorite thing for over a week. It beat out our bed as nap spot.


Of course, contrary to popular opinion, cats don’t sleep around the clock. There is also playtime. WWF for kitties. Noah and Millie have regular wrestling matches.




After a while a truce is declared and wounds are licked. (Kidding… there are no wounds… just vain kitties who can’t have a fur out of place.)


Sadie just wait patiently for the fuss to die down.


And then, last weekend, I decided to make salmon croquettes for dinner. Meaning: CANNED SALMON. Meaning: OH MY GOD!! And the cats had a field day but Millie had the most fun.

First, she stuck her face in the can as far as she could.


Then she figured out that she could “fish” around in there with her paw. So she did. For 45 minutes. The can was never cleaner.




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