Posted by: picturefool | June 3, 2008

Sliding Glass Joy

The sliding glass windows in our living room/dining room, kitchen, and master bedroom have become giant flat-screen TV’s for five furry beasts. They gather at the windows to watch the birds, squirrels and chipmunks. They pounce on bugs on the outside of the glass. They swish their tails and wiggle their butts and get all worked up. Of course, when I pick up the camera it all stops. At that point everyone is just a little sleepy and bored with it all.

I did catch Millie on high-alert:

Millie sees a bird on the patio

And Stanley was torn between freaking out about the crazy lady with the camera and staying focused on a bird:

Stanley watches for birds

Stanley - mildly annoyed by the camera

PD James (One Eyed Pete) was just chillin’ (?) in the sun:

PD James

And Sadie was in full-out napping mode:

Sadie napping

She is such a sun-worshiper!

And Noah, well, he was asleep on our bed and I didn’t disturb him.

It’s now a goal to get a picture of all five of them lined up at the window.



  1. Is Noah ALWAYS asleep on your bed? That’s where he was Saturday!

  2. Such beautiful babies! I’ll have to post some pictures of mine soon.

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