Posted by: picturefool | May 13, 2008

Sign that world is moving too fast….

This news item about a new Blackberry. The article starts off with this startling, knee-buckling declaration:

Research In Motion Ltd. on Monday introduced its first major new BlackBerry model in more than a year: the Bold, a high-end model that further demonstrates the company’s desire to make tools for both work and play.

How did we survive for more than a year? Oh, gods of technology, never let us wander in the desert for so long again.



  1. I honestly don’t know how I function as a productive member of society. My phone doesn’t even have a camera on it. I might as well have a rotary dial.

  2. When we got new phones last year Len told the guy at the store that he wanted a phone that is a phone – not a camera… not a music player… not a walkie-talkie… not a microwave… just a phone. No luck. He has a camera phone. Everything is about multi-tasking now.

    Of course, I chide the BlackBerry people but I don’t know that I could ever live without it again.

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