Posted by: picturefool | May 12, 2008

Happy Mother’s Day! Or: I’m Tardy

Yesterday was a perfect Mother’s Day. I got to watch TV in the morning while having breakfast in bed. I got Len’s famous grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch. We went to the shelter to volunteer for a couple of hours and even though I was horribly grumpy about having to go I had a good time once I was there and we certainly worked up a sweat with all of the sweeping and mopping. Then, a trip to Home Depot to spend a housewarming gift card! We bought flowers to plant and paint for the hall bathroom. Then home for iced coffee on the deck, a walk around the neighborhood, some time mucking about in dirt planting the flowers, dinner and tv.

It was a full day in the truest form of full: full of goodness. Satisfying.

I got great gifties, too. And two wonderful cards.

The kidlet also hugged me a lot and told me that I am funny and smart and the best mom ever.


I read this post this morning and realized when I had a similar moment of graduating from sort-of mom to hard core rock ‘n roll mom.

It was three (four?) years ago on a trip to Savannah.

Everyone but Len threw up on that trip. We had taken our two cats and they threw up. I threw up. We were hating the trip and hating Savannah and had almost decided to just go home. But I had to eat at Paula Deen’s restaurant or die.

We stood in line for a long time and then got seated. We had the best iced tea ever and were about to have the best fried chicken ever. I’ll never be completely sure of what happened next but Sam choked on something and started gagging. I looked at Len horrified and said, “He’s choking!” And at that point I realize that my knowledge of the Heimlich Maneuver is more rooted in Eddie Izzard than in American Red Cross first aid classes. I pat his back. (Translation: I slam my hand on his back.) He starts throwing up at that point. And, I, the person who cannot bear the mention of anything vomit related, who gags at the thought of anyone else being sick, reached out my hand to catch whatever I could.

Sam was fine soon enough but you had better believe we went back to the hotel, packed our bags and got the hell out of there. I don’t think we’ll ever vacation in Savannah again.

Happy belated Mother’s Day to all you moms out there!


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