Posted by: picturefool | May 6, 2008

Color II

I have to insert an aside here: Atlanta is a busy, busy city and Peachtree Street is a busy, busy street. So, if you were a city planner, would you remove two lanes of Peachtree? Is there a competition somewhere to see how long you can make people sit in their cars? This morning there was a turn lane where there wasn’t one yesterday. This is fun.

Okay… so… the kitchen. Yesterday I shared the hum-drum “Before” shot complete with a duck on the cabinets, but here it is again:

"Before" shot of the kitchen

And here is the “After” shot with our junk and no duck and our new green wall:

Kitchen - After

And from a slightly different angle for full effect:

Kitchen - After

We love it.

Now, you might also remember the mug shot of a table.

Here is the table as it looks now. All it needs is one touch-up and a couple of coats of varnish to protect it.

Craigslist rocks

Top of the table

Fun, no?



  1. Oh my goodness, I love all the colors! The wall color reminds me of summer and granny smith apples.

    Before and afters are my favorite. =0)

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