Posted by: picturefool | May 2, 2008

Miley Cyrus

So, I’m not what I would describe as a “fan” of Miley but because I don’t live in a cave in the Sahara I know a fair amount about her, her show, her concerts. I have heard and seen her interviewed. I find her to be both a “normal” kid and a mature one. I can see where lip gloss and a new purse would excite her but I am blown away by the way she talks about her friends and family.

It is bothering me deeply that she has had to apologize for the photos in Vanity Fair.

First, when Annie Leibovitz photographs you: do as you are told. I mean, this is a woman who had the “balls” to bring her daughter to the palace to shoot the queen and then asked the Queen of freakin’ England to take off her crown! She’s got moxie and she’s proven her worth. The Queen may not have been intimidated by her but I sure as hell would be.

Second, the photos I have seen (and I plan to buy the issue) are gorgeous and tasteful and artistic. Nudity is not exclusively sexual. If it were then every naked-baby-on-a-rug shot would be child pornography.

Then this afternoon I see a headline that she is taking hits for watching Sex and the City. She watches it on TBS. She’s fifteen. I’d be willing to bet that she knows about sex. And that show, for however vulgar it can be in both language and sexual content, is really about friends and relationships and being okay with who you are. The girls are real people with flaws and gifts.

We let Sam watch shows he shouldn’t. We like to watch TV as a family and there are only so many episodes of Spongebob I can take without shooting somebody so we’ve raised the bar. As a result we are having more frank discussions about sex, drugs and alcohol than I could have dreamed of and it’s wonderful. He knows where we stand! We can talk rationally. He is too young and protected to be involved in anything like that yet (we watch closely, believe me!) so he’s getting an education beforehand. Better to know about condoms before you’re in the back seat of a Chevy than after, I say, and better to know that abstinence is the only 100% certain birth control. Better to know that drinking kills 6,000 teenagers every year (not counting drunk driving fatalities) now than after he’s been offered a shot of tequila.

Are we trying to create another Lindsey Lohan? Leave Miley the hell alone. Stop looking for problems where they don’t exist.



  1. Seriously. I waiting for the Anne Geddes child porn lawsuit.

  2. AMEN!!

    Ok, I am laughing at the thought of an Anne Geddes porn lawsuit….

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