Posted by: picturefool | May 1, 2008

Cat Hostel

So, we started out in the new house, in January, with three cats.

Sadie ~

Personal Secretary

Stanley ~

Stanley II

And Noah ~

Don't bother me

Within two months we added James “One Eyed Pete” ~


Four cats is a lot of cats. It’s a lot of cat dishes, a lot of cat food, a lot of cat toys, a lot of cat poo, a whole lot of cat poo, litter boxes, and lots of attention. The rewards are wonderful but it is a lot. And in the back of my mind I think, “What happens if they all get sick at one time?”

Then Millie shows up and we can’t get the shelter to take her because they are packed to the gills with cats. It’s kitten season for one thing and, for another, the foreclosure situation is creating a whole fleet of abandoned pets of every breed. People are leaving their pets locked in basements and moving out. I don’t know what they are thinking. Others are dumping their pets and moving on.

So, we have five cats. Five. Five is a lot. But what can we do? I have an ad on Petfinder and an ad on Craigslist and the shelter is aware of her and a friend is spreading the word near and far. If we can find her a good home (and there will be a screening process and a fee required) we will sadly pass her on. If we can’t…. we have five cats. I feel, on one hand, as though Millie belongs with us. She is such a little sprite! She is b a d. She gets up on the counters, on the table, into every closet. But she is also a snuggle kitty and lets me hold her like a baby for minutes on end. She sleeps on the bed in this corpse pose where she is on her side with all four legs straight out from her belly. She jumps onto the bed by leaping right up onto my chest and scaring the life out me.

We’ll see what happens…. Whatever is best for Millie works for us.




  1. The link for the last photo is dead. 😦

  2. Zooomr sucks. A new Flickr link is here now.

  3. Now I can see her! She looks fiesty.

    You know, it’s probably better to be the crazy cat lady than just the crazy lady…

  4. Ha, ha, very funny.

    And yet…. you may have a point! 🙂

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