Posted by: picturefool | April 24, 2008


Last night Len’s boss called him to report that a stray kitten, obviously very tame, had shown up at her apartment building.


We went down and picked up the little girl. She is a sweetheart. She has worn a collar because she has that collar-dent in her fur. She is clean and obviously familiar with litter box technology.

Anyway, I call her Millie and the name seems to suit her and has stuck among the three of us. We are trying to find her owners and are hopeful that they are out there. I put an ad up on Craigslist this morning. If we haven’t found anyone by tomorrow afternoon we will take her to the shelter with us and see if she is micro-chipped.

This is all part of the gig. But I feel the creeping edges of the burn-out that my sister talked about in her comment on this post. It’s so hard to see them all come in and not go out at nearly the pace you would like. And the cats that are actually sheltered rather than fostered seem to stay around even longer. It’s very sad. It’s very hard to watch. But it is better than the alternatives and I’m grateful that the shelter exists and does so well. They place a lot of animals every day and their screening process is great. Of course, there are still returns but, for the most part, the cats that leave end up in forever homes.

A little gal like Millie deserves a home just like our kitties have: warm beds, tons of toys, good food, water, and all the attention in the world. All of them do. All 200 + cats at this one shelter.

Poor Millie. Please hope her owners show up and that she just got out as cats will sometimes do.



  1. Ugh. I know how you feel. Glad that you can help and glad that someone knew you could help but not happy that it keeps happening.
    Weird that there USED to be a collar. Wonder if that means she’s a dump.

    What, no photos?!

  2. It was getting late last night but that is #1 priority for this evening. She is so cute!!!

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