Posted by: picturefool | April 18, 2008

King Arthur Partie Deux

So, ya’ll might remember my round table? Well, five bucks means a teensy weensy table and the legs were so ugly we’ve had to use a tablecloth to hide them which means that when you sit at the table your legs don’t have a good place to be unless you want to drag the tablecloth off. The table is also very lightweight. So, in theory and theory only, cats who live with us may or may not chase each other under (and never over!) the table and pull it over resulting in a huge crashing sound and two hours of Noah forcing an innocent expression. “What, me? No, no, I don’t even know what a table is? Oh, THAT! THAT is a lying-down table and I would never have anything to do with one of those.”

Well, Craigslist rocks again and we are picking up a table tomorrow morning that is a bit bigger, a lot sturdier, and better looking. And I can paint it up and make it fun. Last night the seller sent me a picture.


This is the ONLY picture she sent.

I sent it to Len to see what he thought and he made me spew hot tea all over by writing back this:

I think that if furniture could commit crimes, this is what their mugshots would look like.

We’re buying it anyhow. We’re rescuing it from the clutches of poor photography.



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