Posted by: picturefool | April 10, 2008

Stop MSt

It’s time to post about my new-ish biggest, biggest pet peeve. I call it MSt (as of about thirty seconds ago when I thought of it). The definition: Millennium Stalking. This is a new form of stalking brought on by everyone having at least two phone numbers and forty e-mail addresses.

At 12:05 “Jane” called a colleague of mine. That colleague did not answer the phone because she dared to go to lunch at lunchtime. (Slacker!) “Jane” sent her an e-mail to follow up. When, thirty seconds later, no response had arrived, “Jane” called me. “I didn’t know whether xxx was in today or not.”


1) If xxx was not in she would have had an out-of-office message on her phone and e-mail because that’s how we roll around here.

2) Seriously??? What is the new limbo-level under which we have to call back. Is there some new policy that states that all calls must be returned in 3 minutes or less. What is that about??

Here are some circumstances under which I will not answer the phone:

– I am in the bathroom. Even if I run that takes two minutes just to get there, do what needs to be done, wash my hands and get back.

– I am in a meeting. Meetings happen, people, and I may not call you back for over an hour. GASP!!

– I am in a colleague’s office and don’t hear my phone.

– I don’t like you.

– I am in the middle of something important and am screening.

There was a time when those things were respected. Not any more! The phone calls don’t stop!!

Here’s a timeline from my personal life:

12:03 – cell phone beeps while I am on a business call. I hit ignore.

12:04 – call to pick up message.

12:04:03 – receive e-mail of message forwarded from my office phone which had obviously been called minutes before.

12:05 – home phone rings.

12:06 – cell phone rings again and I answer.

12:06:04 – receive e-mail of message forwarded from my home phone.

That was all from one person. Three messages in three minutes on three different numbers resulting in two e-mails as well.

Don’t stalk me. I will call you back. I almost always call back. Sometimes life gets in the way but I really, really try to call back. And I’m pretty good about it unless I have already labeled you as a stalker in my mind.

MSt has taken over. Let’s join together to stamp it out. I don’t know what to do but I do know that I am getting less and less patient with it.

Someone called me, e-mailed me, called me again. I missed all of that because I had company and I believe that when someone makes the time to visit me I should show them the courtesy of not taking every call and e-mail that comes through. They called again and I had to answer just to MAKE IT STOP.

Keep in mind that folks who want to be reached constantly have some sort of Blackberry/iPhone device that allows that to happen. I can be reached very simply by e-mail or cell. Don’t call me on every number. From now on I am not calling anyone back who leaves me more than one voicemail on more than one number in a fifteen minute period. So there.

STOP MSt!!!!


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