Posted by: picturefool | April 4, 2008


This video only serves to strengthen my conviction to vote Obama. Like it or not our country is filled with a rainbow of peoples in all colors and sexual orientations and philosophies and religions. Until we are united in our passion for America we will be mired in inconsequential differences like who can worship or live in one place or another. Who can marry and who can’t. Education has to be a priority for everyone. Healthcare. Food. Not oil. Not revenue for monster corporations. I tend to stay quiet on politics because I feel as though I’m not educated enough in our political system to have a voice. Silly, I know. But I will say here and now that Barack Obama is the best next president of this country. That he will represent an honest value system rather than an ivory tower one. That he will represent all of the people: not just the rich but also not just the poor.



  1. The evil in this country has become so pervasive and so tangible that it’s like a huge physical PAIN….almost everyone you see everywhere in politics gives off this evil.

    Except Obama. I don’t get evil off of him. I don’t get perfection either. But I get genuine-ness.

  2. I agree. He seems to be a “real” person. That alone is a change.

    Thanks for the comment!

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