Posted by: picturefool | April 2, 2008

Travel Post

Here are some photos of what we saw last weekend on our trip. We had a wonderful time. Our hosts were incomparable. Never have I felt so utterly spoiled.

This is where we stayed:

Beach Home

These are some of the places we visited:

Oak Alley

Rows of Live Oaks

Live Oak Forest

We got to borrow one of these for a little bit:

Sweet Ride

We got within ten feet of this guy. He was sleeping at the edge of the pond at the 17th hole of the golf course:

BIG Gator

These guys weren’t too far away, either:


There were a gazillion of these:


And a lot of these:


All the fun made the guys act like this:

Goofing Off

When we left our hosts drove us through historic Beaufort and gave us a detailed tour. We stopped here:

Cemetary in Beaufort, SC

The church and cemetery were built in 1728. 1728!!!

Graveyard Gates in Beaufort

… and then we drove home.



  1. Pretty! Glad you guys had fun.

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