Posted by: picturefool | March 19, 2008


As a working mom I make choices every day, several times a day, that put my job before my family or my family before my job. It’s exhausting and is sort of like trying to find my sea legs… forever. I’ve been working for five years now and I’ve yet to strike any sort of balance.

Last night, after tucking Sam into bed and turning him into a burrito boy (one of my favorite things!) he reappeared with a sore throat and looking pale. Some tea and a lozenge and back into bed. He was still awake at 10:00 last night.

This morning we let him sleep and Len took a sick day to look after him. He is at the doctor with him right now. A new doctor. That I haven’t met. Who is poking and prodding my son. I need to be there. But I’m trying to crank through some stuff so that I can stay home tomorrow if he does have the strep throat that four other kids in his class have likely shared with the world, God bless their germy souls.

Bah… I hate balancing. I have vertigo.


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