Posted by: picturefool | March 18, 2008


This weekend my family came up to visit. It was the first time any of them had seen the house and I was nervous and excited about sharing it with them. I cooked up a storm and we all cleaned together.

Friday night was the tornado but that missed us, and missed the routes to us so the visit went ahead as planned.

We had five visitors, my foster parents, sister, brother-in-law, and brother-in-law’s best friend. Our table was full.

They brought gifts for housewarming. The grown-ups got towels which are Brazilian cotton and which make you feel as if your body is being dried by tiny little fairies breathing on you. Or like being dried by a cloud. (Kiddies, you should know that the older you get the more the little things in life are the life-changing things. Good towels, good toilet paper, good coffee…. these are the critical elements of day to day living. Trust the old lady.)

For Sam they brought a basketball hoop. And it just so happens that we have the ideal place for it in the driveway. And it just so happens that it was the perfect gift for the boy.

The two engineers put it together. (‘Tweren’t easy, neither!)

Engineers at work

Sam fell in love.

Sam's new favorite thing

He got to play with his favorite uncle.

Uncles are fun

And I got to relish in having a house full of laughter and family and friends. You know, there are people who burn sage in their new home, people who have elaborate rituals for claiming a space with their own energy, but in my world it is a family gathering that takes a place and makes it HOME. I took a series of pictures like this one because it was so wonderful to me that we had people…. in our yard…. at our house.


On the porch


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