Posted by: picturefool | March 17, 2008

Sixteen men on a dead man’s chest

(A post is coming about the amazing weekend once I get photos uploaded. In the meantime…)

Meet James/Tanner/One-Eyed-Pete. James met with the wrong end of a car or a dog or something and lost an eye and broke his tail in two places. Somehow, though, he has come through it all with the best personality. He is affectionate. He is a true snuggle bug. He is demanding when it comes to the amount of petting he gets. He will actually grab your hand with his paws and guide it to the cheek he wants rubbed. He has a great throaty purr.

The shelter named him Tanner, which I hated. I took to calling him One Eyed Pete. Len and Sam called me mean names in return. When he came to stay with us (we’re just fostering him at this point) he became James. We may give him an identity crisis.

James and Noah are best buddies. They race and pounce and play together for long stretches every day.

Here is our James who manages to be cute with only one eye. Oh! And he is also the softest cat you have ever touched. He just looks like a little kitty pirate.




  1. Seriously, if you guys don’t adopt him, he has a home waiting in Augusta…

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