Posted by: picturefool | March 10, 2008

Tell Them I’m A Cowboy

This weekend it seemed that every sentence I spoke began with, “Remember when…?” Sam is getting taller and lankier and looking more and more like he’s headed for double digits. He is also more and more wonderful and delightful every single day. (He read to me on Saturday while I made a meatloaf. He read aloud and wonderfully from a book that excites him.)

I remembered this weekend when long ago we went to a Christmas party for Len’s coworkers. Sam was about three and we couldn’t afford much in the way of food and rent, never mind babysitters. Len’s boss told us to bring Sam along. We did. Sam has always been the best behaved child ever on the earth and that night he was a prince. I am always astounded when I remember how well-spoken he was already – at three years old. When you start talking in sentences before you are a year old you’re a pro at three, I guess. I could remember the way he would lean into me sideways to whisper something.

He still does that only now he whispers more serious things on big topics when it is least convenient to discuss them. We can have a living room full of company and he will lean in and say, “So, what does it feel like to be in love, really?”

“Good. It’s good. Now hush.”

Back then he would lean in and say:

“When is there going to be something besides salad?”

“Why is she talking to me like I’m a baby?”

“Can I have just one more dessert? Please?”

“Tell them I’m a cowboy.”

That last one was because he had a fireman hat that he would wear as a cowboy hat. All of the people who saw it assumed that he wanted to be a fireman and he could never understand that assumption, that leap of logic. He would tug on my sleeve and whisper to me,”Tell her I’m a cowboy!” So cute.

I guess I’m just reflecting on it because it’s all so amazing. A little baby was born and now he’s nine and a half. Now he scratches my back for me, fetches things for me, talks back, makes huge messes, and talks to me about serious stuff. He’s learning about sex and puberty and drugs and alcohol and our big city life is aging him a little too quickly. But I don’t mind too much. Every age is amazing and I’m so glad that I have all of the “remember when-s” to make me smile.


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