Posted by: picturefool | February 25, 2008

Female Companionship

I have been craving the company of women lately. I enjoy the richness of conversation that a common gender can create. I love my boys and I frankly much prefer working with men but I miss girls. I asked the Universe/God/Whoever to open me up this weekend to being more social. I sent an e-mail to a friend asking for time with her this week. I sent an e-mail to my cousin asking her to bring the brood for dinner at the end of the week. I had positive responses from both before two hours had passed.

And then the Universe gave me an unexpected surprise: a call from my good friend Andrea from that-state-up-north-that-I-hate. Andrea comes to the ATL every few years for work-related conferences and it’s always a treat to see her. She has a beauty about her that glows from deep inside. She is Greek and as such she has energy and zest and a great way of expressing herself. She’s a great mom to two great girls and wife of many years to a great guy. She has a master’s degree and is starting on a PhD program. She is politically savvy, incredibly well-spoken and just a ton of fun. Oh – and she likes wine. And I like that in a person.

Andrea, though, is not good with schedules and had let this year’s trip creep up on her so that she only called on Saturday to say, “I’ll be there tomorrow.” Fortunately, that worked perfectly. I picked her up at her hotel at 5:30 and we spent four hours catching up and having dinner before I ran her back downtown.

Andrea knew us when we were evicted from a house we were renting. She knew us when we lived in a crappy hotel nearby. She knew us as we packed up to move South. In fact, her husband helped load the truck. She saw me cry. She saw me sick. She saw me defeated. And yet we always had fun together. (I most clearly remember sitting on her back stoop, shoulders touching, drinking beers and laughing as our kids played in the yard.)

To show Andrea our house, with two cars parked out front, our Sam all nine-years-old and handsome, brought home again how much things have changed for us since she met us in 2001.

What a great surprise it was to see her. I hope this time it’s not as long between visits. And I guess we really do need to go up to that-state-up-north-that-I-hate for a visit. Yeah, yeah, yeah….


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