Posted by: picturefool | February 8, 2008

Pins and needles, needles and pins….

 … The happy man is the man that GRINS! 

— Ralph Kramden (The Honeymooners)

I got up in a great mood. Really. (Don’t roll your eyes – that’s not nice!) I got ready for work and came in at a lazy 8:45. From then on… downhill. And now I’m a bundle of nerves.

First, we are in the middle of our annual audit and even though we all have very good processes in place and run this place as much like clockwork as you can run a transportation business it feels like we are on trial for two weeks. “Why would you…? “Why did you…?” “Didn’t you tell us last year….” Oh, for Christ’s sake! Bugger off, why don’t you?

Then, Outlook starting acting up. (Ask my sister about early e-mails. Merry Christmas 2008, everybody!)

And then I started focusing on the fact that I resigned from the PTA last weekend and I found out that my resignation is formal and accepted by getting a newsletter in the kids’ weekly packet of wasted trees that had my name removed from the Board and a little thank-you to me and the other slacker who dared say, “This ain’t workin’, folks.” So, I’m a little stung. Okay, it’s more like a cloud of hornets has attacked my heart. I take things hard.

And then the auditors come back in with their “Can you…?” And “Would you mind finding this teensy tinsy little bitty source document related to one out of 6,000 assets? Thankyoueversomuch.” BUGGER OFF! Didn’t you auditors hear me the first time?

(The frustrating part is that I really like our auditors. SUPER people. But right now, I pretty much want to push them off our 7th floor balcony. And then have a beer. Or seven. )

So, I guess the good news is that Sadie is feeling much, much better. Better enough that she was up on top of the 3/4 wall in the living room this morning looking down at us and, I’m pretty sure, on us at the same time. She’s eating and taking her meds.

This weekend we are supposed to have our first day of training — all three of us — as volunteers for a local animal shelter that serves mainly cats. We attended orientation last week and were so impressed with the director and the facility. It’s a little way for us to try to heal more from the death of our beloved Oscar. His death is still like a gaping flesh wound. Sadie’s sudden illness this week proved that we have lost all sense of reason and are terrified of the worst happening.

Tonight, I plan to have some grilled chicken and something to drink that is loaded with something Sam can’t drink. I have some seriously tight muscles to relax away. Hopefully Jose Cuervo has renewed his massage license.



  1. I knew the cats would love that wall when I saw it. I have to see pictures!

    Good luck with the volunteering. It’ll be rewarding for sure, but be prepared for rescue worker burnout, which I know we are both prone to. Give this a read:

    Hope audit hell is over soon!

  2. […] is all part of the gig. But I feel the creeping edges of the burn-out that my sister talked about in her comment on this post. It’s so hard to see them all come in and not go out at nearly the pace you would like. And […]

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