Posted by: picturefool | February 4, 2008

Riddled with Bullets

This weekend:

  • The boy had a sleepover scheduled.
  • The Sleepover Parents did not call to confirm and had a busy signal for 3 hours.
  • We dropped him off anyway — totally out of character.
  • We went to lunch.
  • We went to a very exciting meeting that I’ll go into at some point.
  • We went home and had tea.
  • We went to Costco and joined. How adult are we?
  • We went out to dinner and I proved my adult status by having a margarita, something I never do.
  • We collected the boy.
  • We went to Target.
  • We went to Kroger.
  • We went home and did chores.
  • I cooked on the grill to rave reviews.
  • We watched some Super Bowl.
  • Sam and I went to bed to leave Len to see the exciting finish.

The end.



  1. Wow. We did housework!

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