Posted by: picturefool | February 1, 2008

King Arthur Was Right

There have been signs up for a moving sale in the neighborhood: Thu, Fri 8-1. (What the…? Who can make it to that??) This afternoon I picked up Sam from school and we dropped by there, figuring that they would be gone but they still had tables of junk outside so we walked on up the driveway. It was all crap… old lady stuff with lace and frills and little prayer books from Aunt Sue and Uncle Ollie and Christmas stuff that says, “Even the tackiest time of year can’t support me.” We politely poked around for a minute, though, because you never know: there might be a cool Cousin Matthew in the family who gives stuff that, I don’t know, is not painful on the retina.

As we start to head down the driveway the lady tells some guys who are helping, “Hey, this round table can go!”

Round table? Did she say round table?

Yes, she did. And the table is small and the right height and I started hyperventilating.

See, when I was a squirt I was just trying to do stuff like take care of my mom or just not get hit by my lovely grandmother. I never spent time dreaming about my wedding day or having kids or kissing boys. I only had one clear vision of my adult life and it contained a big kitchen with a small, intimate round table where I could sit with my coffee and look out at the backyard over the top of my book. When we found this house I knew it needed a round table. So, with my bonus I planned to find one somehow and have it. But I didn’t really feel right about spending. I’d rather save that money for when the water heater leaks or the skylights need caulking.

But here, in moving sale hell, was a round table.

“Is that for sale?”

“Sure! Make me an offer.”

“Five dollars?”


And, now, Ladies and Germs, I have, in my kitchen, by the freakin’ sliding glass window: a ROUND TABLE.

The table itself is ugly as hell but it’s sturdy and I can get paint. Right now it has a table cloth that I have moved from place to place for a very long time draped over it and it looks magnificent.

Anyone looking for me tomorrow morning will find me at my round table, looking out into the backyard over the top of my book.



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