Posted by: picturefool | January 25, 2008

Knee-ding Comfort

I’m home after going to the office for the bulk of the day. (A privilege of being a member of the old guard at my company is working from home on Fridays.) I couldn’t work from home today because DSL bites. Broadband is the only way I can work from home. Otherwise there’s this little problem of software not working across the VPN.

Anyway… all that is to say….

About a week after the move I noticed that my trick knee was trying some new tricks – some rather unpleasant ones. I would step and almost fall, gasp in pain, and then be fine. It happened a few times and I brushed it aside. This week it seemed to get worse. Today it has me in a brace, on the couch, leg elevated.

On the bright side we had carefully planned for this weekend to be all about resting. We’ve been sick or moving since Thanksgiving and it’s time to sit down and think about what we’ve done. (If you’re a mom you read that in the right tone: You just SIT here and think about WHAT YOU’VE DONE!) It’s time to relax for just a day or two and tap some unknown energy source in order to feel good again. We’re all so, so tired.

The downside, of course, is that I really want a cup of tea and to empty the dishwasher and to start some laundry and to go get a book. I need a house boy. I’m not good at sitting.

Of course, I do have three cats laying on me and around me so life could be worse.


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