Posted by: picturefool | January 21, 2008

Monday again?

We “finished” setting up our bedroom this weekend, finishing off the last couple of boxes there, reconfiguring the furniture and hanging curtains. (I did that first one and Len did the rest.) I managed to do some actual cleaning this weekend, too, vacuuming the whole house, cleaning the bathrooms. It’s a bigger space to clean and it made me glad we didn’t end up with 2,000+ square feet. That would have really built up the mileage on the Oreck!

Tonight I have a party to go to. Tomorrow we’re having dinner with my boss as a family. Wednesday I hope to just sit. We had dinner with friends on Friday, snow and housework on Saturday, housework and time with a friend and some retail therapy on Sunday. It was a good weekend. I am, however, hoping that next Saturday can be spent watching a movie and sitting down.

I hope….

But the more we do in the house the more it feels like ours. I need to take pictures very soon so that I can see it through the lens. It’s really coming along and feeling so, so good.




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