Posted by: picturefool | January 3, 2008

Moving Day

I’m at the office which means that I can let go a tiny bit of the PANIC that has set in regarding moving and instead get all giggly and silly because WE ARE MOVING TOMORROW. TO-MOR-ROW.

My friend H is coming to help and maybe her husband T.

Tonight is our last night in our apartment. I am a nostalgic person. (Sam gets that from me. He used to say, right after we left a place like the toy store,”Remember when we went to the toy store. That was fun.”) And yet I have no sadness, no nostalgia for this place. Our last apartment was so…. us. It was old and falling apart and didn’t work and creaky and at one point there was a dog bone that had been carpeted over in the living room. But it was home. This sterile place has never, for one moment, felt like “home.” The kiddo had a hard time adjusting to living there and acted out in bizarre ways as an expression of the way he didn’t feel comfortable. We rearranged furniture and hung tons of pictures and burned incense and did everything I could think of to make it cozy. It never worked. I feel like I’m leaving an edifice to  find a home. The new place will be a new place for a while, I’m sure. But it is already so comfortable to be in… so wonderful…. I look forward to so many happy memories made there. We can’t wait to have a fire in the fireplace. I can’t wait to cook a big meal in my new oven. Sam and I can’t wait for crushed ice from the fridge. It’s all too much. How lucky are we?


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