Posted by: picturefool | December 28, 2007

Rainy Friday Randomness

We move one week from today. According to the ten day forecast it’s supposed to be c-o-l-d but sunny. That’s good… as much as we need rain I’d ask for a reprieve on Friday the 4th. My good friend H is driving over an hour to be here to help courier stuff like plants and lamps and artwork. And we’ll need to clear out the fridge and freezer and run that stuff to the new house. There are so many little details. Moving makes you so aware of the minutia of your life. Cancel this, start that….

All of this is to say that we’re getting so close I can taste it. We should be able to see the house – and it’s empty now – one more time over the weekend. I need to measure the window in the master bath for blinds. I want to see what the seller has left behind. I want to scope out the kitchen cabinets a bit more since it seems they are outfitted with some nice storage features. I want to make sure our TV won’t be too low to the ground if we put it on the brick instead of on a stand. There are other things… I just can’t think of them right now.

Today it’s pouring down rain and we’ve had thunder. It’s been a great day to get lots of end-of-the-year stuff done for work. I keep feeling the creeping edges of contentment in spite of the insanity of moving and having been sick and it’s freaking me out.

It’s almost the new year and this has been an interesting one.

My resolution last year had to do with “Keeping Things in Perspective” and I think I have, for the most part, managed to do that better this year than ever before. I plan to work on it more in 2008 along with some other lofty ideas that I’ll share next week.

My biggest feeling at the moment, though, is that reflecting on 2007 is not as necessary or pertinent as reflecting on prior years has been. The New Year this year truly does begin a new chapter…. I hope it’s a good one with lots of love and contentment for all.


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